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20 tricks to increase your Video Marketing on YouTube SEO

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Video Marketing: We have compiled 20 tips to increase the positioning of your YouTube videos and search engine. consider increasing visit.

You probably already know. You will have read them in blogs about SEO and Positioning; YouTube as a search engine shares many similarities with its for them since neither YouTube nor any search engine can interpret or index the content of the video, so it is highly recommended to “give it a cable” through a few simple steps.

1.Use amazing titles:

Are sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it? Indeed, we always comment on this point in our Community Manager course, and here it is almost the most important thing again. If we want to interest not resist taking a look at our content, we should catch him with a good headline. be careful not to disappoint your audience; a good title and bad content will expose us in a short time, we can also raise suspicions and lose credibility. It would help if you had great content and a headline to match. Use tools like Google Adwords to ensure that your keywords receive a good number of searches, and choose the one with the least competition. You remember that it has 66 characters, so try not to overdo it so that your title does not appear cut off in the search results. It is also advisable to use YouTube’s suggested searches as we write our text. It gives us very clear clues of what is most searched for.

2.Correctly name the file for YouTube:

This may also sound familiar to you since we always recommend renaming the images you are going to upload to your website or blog with the keywords that will position your article. In the same tricks, you should proceed with your video file.”export01.mp4″, and others). Take the opportunity to include here the same terms that you will use in the tags or the video’s title.

3.Include the word “video:

Not? Keep this in mind and include it in both the title and the description. In this way, our publication will have more relevance in genuine search engines, such as Google, most users include the word “video. Therefore we will have a higher match in the results. It is not relevant for searches within YouTube itself since nobody searches for “video” because it is implicit.

4. Call to action in the title:

Aside from music videos and cute pets, a lot of YouTube content is underrated towards something practical: “How to repair.”, “How to cook…”, “Tutorial on…”. Whenever it is logical, include your video’s action in the title and the description. Being a more attractive user, search engines will better understand what you offer.

Video Marketing Content Credit: Google

5.The description:

The interesting thing here is although the search engines cannot interpret the video content, they index the description and recognize the keywords; therefore, it is a very better idea that your script, the interview, and all the content that you can. This is the most versatile, practical, and worst used field (generally) of all that YouTube offers us. Please do not limit yourself to including a link to your website or your social networks.

6.The subtitles:

Since you have trouble transcribing the content, you could add it as subtitles within the video and translate .an important detail since this text will also be indexed. Help yourself with some specific software to streamline subtitling or use YouTube’s own, although it’s not comfortable for me.

7.The tags:

Don’t underestimate the use of tags to define and position your video correctly. Include all you consider relevant and help yourself again with Adwords to find the most searched words and their variants with less competition. Do not forget to be very explicit with the labels, including the plurals and singulars of the words to position, with and without accents, etc. Do not include terms unrelated to your video even though they can generate more traffic; you will most likely end up appearing in unrelated searches, nobody will see your video, and you will lose a bit of credibility. On the other hand, the categories of YouTube give little flexibility; spend 10 seconds trying to find the most suitable one for your video.

8.Structure your videos:

Create a clear narrative, clarify at the beginning what you are going to tell, develop. Try to guide the viewer to maintain their interest and attention as the minutes go by, speak to them in a close and easy tone. It would help if you considered these premises before and during the recording and during the edition.

9.Use the annotations:

It is a very practical way to promote your channel. The content of interest and promote other pieces that you already have on your channel through links and calls to action. Be careful not to clutter the screen of annotations because there is a fine line between suggesting content and spamming. Your written posts always try to answer a question and offer content to resolve new doubts.

10.Optimize big content:

This is one of the most important points you should consider if you offer content of considerable duration. The impatience of the Internet user is well known, so even if you deal with a topic that arouses a lot of interest, create small promotional pieces that serve as a hook and that faithfully summarize the content of the longer videos, this will create good expectations and will give more movement to your channel. Try dividing a long piece into several shorter ones and linking them together with annotations. You can also include links in the video description that lead to a certain time code. In these cases, you have to be very clear so that the viewer does not get lost and knows what they will see at all times. I recommend that you look at our Online Marketing manual so that you do not fail at anything when creating the strategy for your Social Media plan.

11.Set up your channel and complete your profile:

As in the rest of the social networks that we use to do Content Marketing, it is important to cause a good feeling with our YouTube channel. The process is more or less similar to the rest of the profiles:

  • Complete the design of the channel with a good photo and the same for the YouTube user.
  • Choose a good video to serve as a channel trailer for unsubscribed users.
  • Verify your account and activate the necessary features for your content.
  • Use in-video programming, especially the option to include the watermark with your brand or company logo.
  • Configure what additional content to display on your channel cover.

12.Take care of your channel:

The health of your channel will largely depend on how regularly you post videos. As always, consistency is an unavoidable factor if we want to acquire a certain relevance and authority in any social network. Encourage subscription as much as possible, since it is a factor taken into account when determining the degree of importance of one channel or another within YouTube and always keep in mind to encourage. The good use of YouTube is a quality highly demanded by Social Media agencies when hiring a Community Manager.

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13.Dissemination of the content:

If your videos are interesting and made with a minimum of quality, they will likely be easily shared. This format is what it has, which is very well shared, so make use of all the available networks to make your pieces viral. Don’t forget to share it periodically to keep some activity around your video.

14.Take care of your viewers:

You have good content, you’ve done your homework in terms of production and distribution, the results are starting to come in, and you see the first comments on your video appear. You can’t fail your audience. Respond and thank, create conversation and debate. It is quiet you will get very valuable information from this feedback and do not miss the opportunity to answer comments with new videos

15.Technical productions:

Making a video quality is one of the easy things in this whole process since it is a little investment and some time to manage the four. Once you have reached, you can be focused on what will make a difference, some useful content. I am not going to detail. You should keep in mind that the viewer will not wait long for your videos, so save him endless logos, presentations, and intros, go straight to the content, which is what you came looking for. You can help yourself with some music to make your content more enjoyable. Try to record at the highest possible quality and the largest frame size since video platforms accept HD content (1920×1080 ).

16.Stick the format:

 YouTube Analytics. Apart from the number of reproductions, the geographical distribution of our public. I want to focus on audience retention data. When does my video stop interesting? Is there a clear point where a large percentage drop out? Is there a point where everyone turns back? Is it good or because the sound image is bad and lost? It’s really easy to check, and you only need a few views to make a reliable average, no more than 200. Take a walk every so often to check this kind of thing.

17.good playlists Create:

 You have to group the videos by theme by the project; the more related and clear it is grouped, the better. The visitors of your channel will be able to easily navigate between since you will give greater visibility to your channel. You have to make sure when copying the link that is marked the correct option so that the list begins with the video you will share.

18.The thumbnail image:

That small image that works as the “avatar” of your video and through which it can be quickly identified is more important than it seems. Not all images work well when displayed at a reduced size, so it is recommended that you use close-ups or close-ups with good definition, good contrast, and a “comprehensible” composition. Try to make it somehow represent the video’s content and work about the title. You can use the frames offered by Youtube when uploading the video, export one yourself you have carefully taken.


For some time now, Google has been trying to get us to go for a walk on Google+. And with YouTube, you have a good trick. We like it more or less, and if what we are looking for is to position well, it will most likely help us give visibility to the channel through our Google. The process of linking one with another is more or less simple and is well documented. Once done, you will have the possibility to broadcast your Hangouts live through YouTube. You will share content to specific circles, and the channel management options will improve. And according to Google, they will improve search results.

20.Incredible content:

What did you think? 😉 Not everything can be tricks and metadata. That is the goal of all who want to contribute, share and help a little through the networks. For now, I try to get content that is, if not incredible, at least useful. Remember that the video should be one more.

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