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Why advertise by email?

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The excessive sending of intrusive and uninteresting emails has given email advertising a bad reputation. However, when a message is sent to the right person and at the right time, it has great benefits for your brand, product, or service.

Once you decide what you want to advertise, it’s time to determine what the purpose of your email marketing strategy will be. The message has to be aligned with the purpose since, in this way, the call to action (or call to action) can be optimally transmitted.

Although the most common use of newsletters is to inform, in this article, we will focus on commercial messages to boost sales, improve brand image, publicize a new product, etc.

Now that we’ve talked a bit about advertising and its relationship with email marketing, it’s time to discuss the advantages of carrying out a targeted email strategy.

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Benefits of advertise by email marketing:

Among the main benefits that you can obtain when advertising by email is:

Control the sending of messages:

As we already mentioned in previous paragraphs, an email marketing strategy can be as directed as you decide. The use of this channel allows you to decide when and how to launch a campaign. You can also customize it so that the information reaches each reader according to their interests or behavior.

Promote the sale of other products:

Perhaps the recipient has already purchased one of your products or services but does not know the entire line. Email marketing can remember these products promote a product update or upgrade.

The ability to measure instantly:

Professional email marketing platforms offer metrics instantly after sending a campaign. By analyzing the statistics, you will be able to optimize future communications.

Being friendly to the environment:

Being a one hundred percent digital strategy, it allows companies to send hundreds of emails instantly without the need to use any physical means. Instead, traditional marketing strategies tend to generate a negative impact on the environment.

Have high profitability:

Without a doubt, emails are the favorite tool of marketers. Today, they are the most effective and profitable advertising technique in the industry, which is why 75% of large companies opt to send emails to their subscribers.

Ease for the user to read at the best time:

One of its great advantages is that the user can decide when to read the message and can even do it from their cell phone (or mobile) anywhere. This is one of the reasons why this tool is so effective and has such good open rates. And in the event that you are no longer interested in the product, you have the option to no longer receive the messages. This way, you will have customers who are truly interested in your product.

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Reduce shopping time:

Seeing an advertisement on the street is likely that the person forgot your message or made the purchase. However, by sending an email, you can give direct access to your website to continue learning more about your products or service, and if you have an eCommerce, you can direct it to your product catalog.

Speed and simplicity:

Depending on the platform you have, you will be able to create strategies quickly and easily with the templates that already have defaults. You only have to take into account the corporate identity of your brand so that in this way, you give continuity to your message through all channels.

Act immediately:

If a short-term plan of action is what you need, email marketing strategies drive direct conversion quickly and without user hassle. You just need to have a well-defined message so that the reader is not confused and that it contains relevant links to said action(s). Nothing like a promotion or offer to increase your sales immediately.

The power to reinforce brand presence:

By being a non-intrusive effort, you will be able to more easily create a loyal connection with your readers, bringing them closer to your brand, from keeping your followers up to date with the most relevant news about your products to sending unique promotions to the people who consume the most in your online store. The possibilities are limitless!

When to use an email marketing strategy?

Now that you know all the benefits and advantages of using such an effective digital advertising strategy, we will give you some situations when it is recommended to use it.

To introduce a new product.:

If you’ve just launched a new product or service, this is a great way to announce it to the public. You can send a communication so that they know each one of the characteristics of your new release, in addition to which you can personalize the mail according to the profile you want to reach.

To increase sales:

When what is needed is to improve the sales of the company, a targeted and highly segmented message can be created so that you meet the needs of your target audience.

To recover abandoned carts:

If you have an online store, you may have users who were going to make a purchase and stopped halfway. All those abandoned carts are opportunities that, by sending an email reminder along with a promotion, you can make them come back and finish the purchase.

To learn more about your consumers:

If what you want is to know more information about the people who consume your brand, you can launch emails that help you collect this information. Thanks to this information, you will be able to adjust campaigns to reach the desired target market.

Some final recommendations:

  1. First of all, before sending an email marketing campaign, make sure they are opt-in, that is, that your contacts have actually agreed to receive the content you are sending them. As well as offering the possibility to cancel the subscription.
  • Have segmented lists. Also, the better segmented your database is, the better! Since you will be able to send more personalized emails, and therefore you will have a higher opening rate.
  • Always include a call to action (or call to action) in your email. They already opened your email. Now get them to go to the second stage, such as the contact page or product catalog of your site.
  • You must take care that the content you send is of great value to the reader since, if it is not, it can end up in the spam tray. Email marketing is a strategy that must be carried out very carefully and must be planned so that the content that is created is coordinated with the other digital marketing efforts.
  • Measure and measure. The advantage of email marketing is being able to know whether it worked or not. For example, it may be that you have a high opening rate but not a high click rate, this can make you understand that perhaps your subject line was attractive to the reader, but the content of the message does not meet its objective.

By planning various email campaigns, you will be able to attack long and short-term goals. I hope this article has helped you understand the benefits of email advertising more quickly.