Best Places To Visit in October: India Popular destinations

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Who doesn’t enjoy wandering, and October is among the nicest months of the year for it? Walking weather is neither too hot nor too cold. After the monsoon, everything is green again, and flowers are everywhere. The weather’s tone appears to have been painted as well. If it’s such a great month, would you like to travel somewhere? Walking can also be very enjoyable India in October.

You can take advantage of these locations if you have trip plans and wish to spend the month of October exploring some of the top vacation spots.

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Sikkim – India

One of India’s most picturesque locations is Sikkim. However, in September and October, this view rivals any paradise. Lachen, a freshly established tourist destination, is known for its beauty. The surrounding vegetation clears the mind. We have a wonderful view of the hills, and when a flock of clouds passes over them, it appears as though we are in paradise. A visit to this stunning location may prove to be a turning point in your life.

Bir Billing – Himachal

You can come here if you enjoy paragliding or want to try something new. Himachal’s Bir village and the areas nearby can be extremely pleasant. You’ll have a wonderful time. Here, the hills can be viewed, and there are lots of opportunities for adventurous trips. You can bring your family here. If paragliding is not done, several lovely walks can also be done nearby with this. You’ll notice the splendor of nature here. It’s a pretty charming place. Try it out.


Kochi – Kerala

Kerala is where Kochi is found. You’ll be fascinated by the local cuisine and culture. In the splendor of this location, there are four moons in October. One of the highlights of your life may be traveling to Kochi.

Shillong – Meghalaya

Shillong is a stunning hill station that can be found in Meghalaya. After a rain, Shillong’s beauty is revealed. You will be mesmerized by the stunning hills and waterfalls in this area. The tallest mountain in this area is called Shillong Pic, and from here you can see Shillong’s whole splendor.

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Coonoor – Tamil Nadu

The greatest spot to visit this month is Coonoor in Tamil Nadu. Coonoor is a stunning and amazing location. This place’s atmosphere and the surrounding nature will win you over. Additionally, Ooty, whose beauty is highly known, is close by. You can visit there as well.

Khandala – Mumbai

Khandala is a hill town in Maharashtra that is close to Mumbai. After the rain stops, the view from this location is quite breathtaking and resembles heaven. The ideal time to visit is in October. It is only three kilometers from Lonavala and seven km from Karjat.

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Wayanad – Kerala

Wayanad is a city in Kerala’s northern and eastern region. The beautiful, green forests in this location, which date back about three thousand years, are its unique feature. When visiting this location after rain, one is struck by how green it looks. You can find peace and tranquility here if that’s what you’re after.

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