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To maintain a healthy heart follow 10 exercise

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Following a balanced diet is important to maintaining a healthy heart, but staying active through a daily exercise routine or following regular exercise routines is also vital. A healthy weight is particularly important for people who want to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. However, if you work in an office, travel by car often, or have trouble finding a place to work out, including plenty of exercise in your daily routine can be difficult.

healthy heart
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Fortunately, an exercise routine does not have to be very long, and we do not have to do it in a gym to obtain a positive result. Completing a few short training routines each day can help you achieve better results. The Ministry of Health says that “what produces the most benefits for your health is to practice physical activity regularly, that is, distribute it throughout the week. For example, 30 minutes of moderate activity five or more times a week. The more days, the better. “If you maintain just 10 minutes” here are ten simple exercise routines that are to try at your home or any other place to help you. So, if you put together three of the exercises, all the better! And in case you dare with other types of exercises,

10 simple exercise routines to try at home to maintain your healthy heart:

1. Get up and follow exercise routine to get healthy heart:

A good activity for beginners, this ten-minute exercise routine involves brisk walking in place for one minute, then doing a variety of arm and leg movements to stretch your muscles and get them going.

2.The toner:

Perfect if you’re already out and about in the park, but can be adapted indoors too – start taking bigger and bigger steps and then strides bending at the knees (just like fencing lunge, click the link for more) details) and try doing the “crab step” by walking sideways, from left to right and vice versa, making sure to keep your head up and good posture at all times.

3.The easy cardio circuit:

After a short warm-up, start jumping jacks, walk in place, and then do squats to get your heart and blood vessels going. You can do them for 20 seconds each, interspersed with 10 seconds of rest, until you complete ten minutes, and as you feel fitter you can increase the duration of the intervals.

4.The TV routine:

Useful for commercial breaks or rainy afternoons when we stay at home! Following this ten-minute exercise routine requires you to first balance on one leg with a straight back, then stretch your arms while sitting up straight on the edge of your seat, and finally stretch your hips and back using your strength. your upper body (support yourself on your hands and push up through your hips). You can alternate them as in the previous circuit. And remember that it is recommended to hold face stretch for at least 20 seconds.

5.The intense cardio circuit:

Once you’ve warmed up, use a bench or step about 10 inches high to go up and down the step and to jump from the top landing into a squat position. Increase the pace as you exercise and try not to stop for two minutes at a time. He then proceeds to jump rope on the spot and do push-ups.

6.The cardio and resistance circuit:

This 10-minute exercise routine is particularly good for people who want to strengthen and tone their muscles. Once you have completed the warm-up, using a step or a chair or bench, go up and down the step, do lunges with stretch (lunges) and squats, alternating them. You decide if you prefer to do it for a certain time (at intervals of 20 seconds of exercise and 10 of rest, or 40 and 20, or another) or prefer to count repetitions, for example 20 of each exercise and start over. In this way if you write down how many repetitions and circuits you have completed you will be able to see how your form improves. If you want to increase the level of difficulty, you just have to keep your arms stretched out while you do them.

7.The circuit of running or walking with added resistance:

Useful if you want to add an extra challenge to your walk or run, use a bench or low wall to do exercises going up and down steps and ‘bend and stretch’ the leg (sitting on the wall bend and straighten the leg to get it out). more party to the routine). Repeat alternating with two minutes of walking or running between each stage. And if you want to increase the challenge, you can use ankle weights.

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8. The interval session:

A more demanding exercise routine to try once you’ve warmed up for at least 5 minutes. It consists of squatting lower and lower and/or faster, interspersed with short periods of rest.

9.The routine of going up the stairs:

Use the stairs at home as a gym by going up and down them 3 to 5 times slowly and then repeating it increasing the speed each time until you move as fast as you can. But be careful not to fall!

10. Resistance and toning for everyone:

A few different exercises that can be done with weights (or any other heavy objects you have around the house, like cans or full water bottles). Combine squats, lunges (lunges), and push-ups to work your entire body. Do ten repetitions of each exercise, rest 15 seconds and start again. To increase the intensity, increase the number of repetitions and do not forget to try doing the exercises with weights. In our health section, you can find more information about a variety of activities that can help you stay active each day, and you can explore many options to make sure you include some daily physical activity in your routine. Varied exercises, dancing, running, stretching… The important thing is to find something that you enjoy and that helps you stay in shape. To start you can try these training routines of just ten minutes to make your mouth.

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