This road trip takes you to Atlantic Canada’s best lighthouses

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Atlantic Canada comprises four eastern regions: the three oceanic areas — New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ruler Edward Island — and the easternmost territory of Newfoundland and Labrador. Among the reasons you ought to visit are its delectably new fish, unimaginable whale watching potential open doors and picturesque frosty scenes. However, there are not many pictures more famous of Atlantic Canada than the beacon.

With 150 in the region of Nova Scotia alone, it’s a test to travel through this piece of the country without seeing no less than one. Having generally filled in as reference points to mariners exploring the coast, everyone has its own captivating story to tell.

To assist you with ticking off the best, we’ve made an excursion to rouse you on your next (or first!) visit to Atlantic Canada. Peruse on for subtleties of each spot.

Atlantic Canada

New Brunswick

East Quoddy Beacon, Campobello Island

The main stop on our Canada beacon visit is one of the most shot on the planet. Otherwise called the Head Harbor Lightstation, the East Quoddy Beacon was built in 1829, making it one of New Brunswick’s most seasoned. You’ll have to hang tight for low tide prior to visiting since it sits on Head Harbor Island which is just open by foot. Looking for you is the first pinnacle, with a functioning light that sparkles across the Inlet of Fundy. Translators on the site will joyfully give you more insights concerning the historical backdrop of the beacon and the island on demand.

1) Take NB-172 N and NB-176 S to Blacks Harbor, NB – Fantastic Manan Island, NB

2) Take the Blacks Harbor, NB – Fabulous Manan Island, NB ship to Paroisse de Great Manan

3) Follow NB-776 S/Rte 776 to Whistle Rd

4) Take a right onto Whistle Rd

Long Vortex Point Beacon

Remaining at 9.3 meters tall, the Long Vortex Point Beacon — otherwise called ‘The Whistle’ — was completed in 1966 and is situated on the northern tip of Terrific Manan Island. Initially worked as a joined beacon and mist caution building, it recently explored guests through thick haze and savage tempests which caused regular wrecks around the Narrows of Fundy. It’s currently a well-known whale and bird watching site and can be effortlessly recognized by its unmistakable customary red and white outside.

1) Take Whistle Rd to Blacks Harbor, NB – Excellent Manan Island, NB

2) Take the Blacks Harbor, NB – Terrific Manan Island, NB ship to Blacks Harbor

3) Get on New Brunswick Highway 1 E/NB-1 E in Pennfield

4) Forge ahead with New Brunswick Highway 1 E/NB-1 E to Shediac

5) Progress forward with NB-15 E. Take Trans-Canada Hwy, Veterans Remembrance Hwy/All Climate Hwy/PE-2 W and PE-14 N to Cedar Ridges Park Rd in Parcel 8

Sovereign Edward Island

West Point Beacon

West Point Beacon is Canada’s most memorable dynamic beacon to work as a hotel. On the off chance that you’re searching for someplace interesting to remain along the course of your East Canada visit, this is an incredible spot. Its 13 contemporary visitor rooms offer staggering perspectives on the Northumberland Waterway, with 11 rooms likewise including walkout decks. Make certain to investigate the West Point region during your visit, with a changed biological system complete with sandy ocean side, hills and lush regions, alongside Cedar Ridges Common Park and the interesting West Point create shop being a portion of the striking features.

1) Follow Cedar Rises Park Rd to PE-14 S

2) Follow PE-14 S and Veteran’s Dedication Hwy/All Climate Hwy/PE-2 E to Wilmot Valley Rd/PE-120 S in Part 19

3) Take Blue Knife Rd/PE-107 E to Veteran’s Remembrance Hwy/All Climate Hwy/PE-2 E

4) Follow Veteran’s Commemoration Hwy/PE-2 E and Trans-Canada Hwy/PE-1 E to Point Demure Rd/PE-209 W in Belfast

5) Go right onto Point Demure Rd/PE-209 W (finishes paperwork for Mount Buchanan)

Point Tidy Beacon

Point Tidy is PEI’s most established beacon, worked in 1845. Discernable by its exceptional design, it is one of simply two in Canada to consolidate a round structure with block development. For an all-encompassing perspective on Hillsborough Narrows and the Northumberland Straight, climb 60 ft to the top. You can likewise take a directed visit, view noteworthy showcases, get keepsakes at the gift shop and appreciate lunch in the cookout region.

1) Take PE-1 E to Trans-Canada Hwy in Beauty Waterway

2) Take the Trans-Canada Hwy ship to Pictou

3) Proceed straight onto Trans-Canada Hwy/NS-106 S

4) Follow Trans-Canada Hwy/NS-104 W and NS-102 S to Hammonds Fields Rd/NS-213 W in Bedford. Take the exit from NS-102 S

5) Follow Hammonds Fields Rd/NS-213 W and Beacon Rte/Peggy’s Bay Rd/NS-333 S to Peggy’s Point Rd in Peggy’s Bay


Nova Scotia

Peggy’s Inlet

Of the multitude of beacons highlighted on our excursion, this is ostensibly the most popular. Situated in the beautiful town of Peggy’s Bay, around an hour’s drive from Downtown Halifax, it denotes the eastern entry of St. Margaret’s Cove and is broadly captured with ocean waves running into it. After you’ve viewed this striking sight, investigate the nearby shops and stores that populate Peggy’s Inlet and get yourself something particularly amazing.

1) Get on NS-102 in Bedford from Beacon Rte/Peggys Bay Rd/NS-333 W and Hammonds Fields Rd/NS-213 E

2) Keep on porting Hastings

3) Get on Peacekeepers Way/NS-125 E in Leitches Rivulet from NS-223 E

4) Follow Peacekeepers Way to Nova Scotia Trunk 22 S in Mira Street. Take the exit from Peacekeepers Way

5) Follow Nova Scotia Trunk 22 S to Havenside Rd in Louisbourg


Louisbourg Beacon

The main beacon to be underlying Canada (and the second in the entire of North America), the first Louisbourg Beacon, worked in 1923, was made of stone however was harmed during the 1758 English attack of Louisbourg. The beacon which at present stands was revamped in 1823 and furnishes guests with clearing perspectives on the Stronghold of Louisbourg Public Memorable Site. Interpretive signs let you know more about its set of experiences as you stroll around.

1) Follow Havenside Rd to Nova Scotia Trunk 22 N

2) Follow Nova Scotia Trunk 22 N and NS-125 W to N Sydney, Nova Scotia – Argentia, Newfoundland in North Sydney

3) Take the N Sydney, Nova Scotia – Argentia, Newfoundland ship to Freshwater

4) Take NL-100 N and Trans-Canada Hwy/NL-1 E to Hamilton Ave in St. John’s

5) Follow Zit Rd to your objective

Newfoundland and Labrador

Cape Lance Beacon

Arranged near St. John’s, the Cape Lance Beacon is roosted on a tough bluff and is the most established enduring beacon in the region of Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s an assigned Public Noteworthy Site of Canada and offers a brief look into the existence of nineteenth-century beacon guardians and their families. Many come here to observe perhaps the most fantastic dawn in the entire of Canada. We suggest showing up not long before the sun comes up for the most ideal view!

1) Get on NL-2 N from Clogged pore Rd

2) Follow Trans-Canada Hwy/NL-1 W to Cooper Blvd/NL-330 in Gander

3) Forge ahead with NL-330. Drive to NL-340 N in Crow Head

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Long Point Beacon

An incredible spot to get a brief look at untamed life including whales, seals and ocean birds (as well as a few great ice shelves), Long Point Beacon is quite possibly the most shot milestone on the northern coast. It’s situated at Crow Head in the town of Twillingate and sits in excess of 300 feet above ocean level. Here, you can encounter far-reaching seas over the Atlantic Sea and decide to join a visit through the Beacon in the event that you wish.

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