Hp Laptop price in BD

Popular Laptop Brand in Bangladesh

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Hp Laptop price in BD:

The laptop you want to get for almost all types of work, the HP laptop, is best in BD. HP Band laptop is best for all tasks. Many companies in Bangladesh sell laptops, and these companies have various problems. But if you want to buy the best laptop, the only reliable company in Bangladesh is Techland BD. Techland BD sells original laptops price in BD. If you want, you can buy any laptop without any hassle from Techland BD.

BEST laptop for student and home use:

  • Dell Inspiron: The Dell Inspiron series has incredible build quality with a powerful processor for day-to-day work.
  • HP Pavilion: A solid-value laptop worldwide that ensures the customer’s regular productivity.
  • Lenovo IdeaPad: It’s an ultraportable Windows laptop with a sturdy build and all-day battery life. Also, they make different specifications according to varsity students and regular usage.
  •  Acer Aspire: Acer makes one of the top budget laptops for student and office use. The Acer Aspire and Acer Extensa series are the current market’s best-value laptops for students.
  • ASUS Vivo Book: Asus is always trending’s for its design and brand value. Also, their Vivobook laptop has the most variation in color and spec. For regular use and day-to-day work, Asus Vivobook performs very well.

Best Laptop series For Corporate or official laptops:

Dell Latitude, Dell Vostro:

Dell business series laptops are the most popular in the corporate world. Dell Latitude and Dell Vostro Laptop are most reliable for office use. Dell earned the most corporate reliability space for official use.

Acer Travel mate:

Nowadays, the Acer Travelgate series is becoming more of a popular for corporate office use due to their best price in the the laptop market. Acer Travel mate is the only laptop that offers an IPS Display in any segment with double RAM and SSD slot. So that it could be more vital for versatile workspaces.

HP ProBook:

HP ProBook laptops are mostly used in almost every office. HP ProBook laptops can maintain their simultaneous performance for extended periods of time. The HP ProBook laptop is built with an aluminum body, making its sustainability undoubtedly better than any other laptop.

Lenovo ThinkPad:

Lenovo is the way to go if you’re looking for a durable laptop that can withstand minor wear and tear. Nowadays, Lenovo laptops are mostly favorites for Lenovo Vintage Software. A person can customize the total laptop power throttling to the battery charge through Lenovo Vantage and maintain everything. Nowadays, most corporations have started to choose Lenovo instead of others.

Best GAMING LAPTOP series Bangladesh according to usage:

ASUS ROG LAPTOP (Republic Of Gamers):

ASUS ROG laptops are amongst the most popular on the market. Unfortunately, the ASUS Rog laptop is the most in demand in the current gaming laptop market for its outstanding performance. ROG Special Designed thermal management and MUX Switch gives an exceptional gaming experience.


ASUS TUF Laptops are designed to deliver exceptional performance with any gaming in any situation. Also, Asus Rog Laptops are MILITARY GRADE TASTED to ensure peak performance in any environment.


Mostly known as the best budget Gaming Laptop in Bangladesh. ACER always focuses on customer budgets and specifies for the best delivery. They have colossal specs and very much budget-friendly laptops for customers. Also, for premium and hardcore gamers, the Acer Predator Laptop is a worldwide established gaming laptop brand. Acer Predator mostly used laptops in different international gaming competitions.

Lenovo Legion:

Provides Gaming Laptops with A Focus On Performance And Aesthetics.


MSI makes some of the best gaming laptops on the market, and its productivity/business laptops are quite impressive. MSI always focuses on a gaming laptop with a better display and lightweight. Most of MSI’s level gaming series is GF63, which is a very low budget and weight but is a very productive and legible laptop.

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