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Motorhome vs Campervan vs RV – which is best to explore New Zealand?

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Leasing a campervan or RV is one of the most outstanding ways of finding this dazzling nation – so it’s nothing unexpected that there are a large group of various vehicle types accessible available here. Here is an outline of the most widely recognized setting up camp vehicles that anyone could hope to find for lease in New Zealand – alongside valuable tips to assist you with tracking down the right RV rental for your experience.

What setting up camp vehicles might I at any point lease in NZ?

An RV, or sporting vehicle, is a catchall name utilized for mechanized setting up camp vehicles. A term’s regularly utilized in North America yet less so in New Zealand. The principal sorts of RVs accessible to lease in New Zealand are campervans and RVs.

New Zealand
New Zealand


The term campervan is famous in New Zealand and now and again utilized for a wide range of setting up camp vehicles. In any case, in fact, talking, a campervan is a more modest vehicle in light of a van body with a bed. It’s most ideal for two individuals. Most campervans have a kitchen set up, in any case, the more modest vans don’t have a washroom or latrine, and that implies they may not be independent.

Bigger vans will generally have a wet room with a latrine and shower. As they are normally higher they additionally give you some more headroom. You can rest up to four individuals in some bigger campervans. And keeping in mind that they’re still exceptionally simple to drive, they enjoy the additional benefit of permitting you to opportunity camp and remain for the time being in places that require self-regulation certificates. A few vans have extendable rooftops and over the taxi beds. In general, the greatest drawback is that campervans offer restricted space and can feel packed. On the additional side, they’re reasonable and exceptionally simple to drive and stop.

Upsides and downsides of campervans


  • Generally prudent
  • Minimized and flexibility
  • Appropriate for short escapes and regular use


  • Restricted space and headroom
  • Restricted camping area choices
  • Less reasonable for winter


RVs are by a long shot the biggest and most well-known class of RV rentals in New Zealand. They are roomier vehicles giving really living space and solace. The specs of the vehicles can fluctuate significantly, from suspension and motor through to the home unit and fit out, so it’s vital to look at every one of the elements and comprehend what you’re getting for your cash.

Not at all like a campervan, a RV is based on a truck body. How the home unit is coordinated into the truck body decides the kind of RV it is. The two most normal classifications for rental RVs are semi-coordinated and cabover. More uncommon is the incorporated class.


Cabover Motorhomes

The cabover body type is the first rental RV seen on New Zealand streets since the 1950s and is as yet the most well-known. These notorious RVs have a bed over the driver’s taxi and are well known with rental administrators since they’re reasonable for various designs. The most well-known format is a four billet with a parlor in the back which converts to a twofold bed around evening time (by improving the seat pads) and a twofold bed over the taxi which is open with a stepping stool. The six compartment variant has a dinette in the center that proselytes to a twofold bed again with the game plan of the seat pads.

Upsides and downsides of a cabover RV


  • Ideal for families
  • A great choice for couples
  • Bunches of capacity


  • Beds are less agreeable and advantageous
  • Expanded fuel utilization
  • The additional level can be perilous

Semi-coordinated Motorhomes

Semi-coordinated RVs first showed up quite a while around 2012. Most have been imported from Europe albeit a few pieces are made locally. A semi-incorporated is an RV that has the driver’s taxi held and the residence unit begins simply behind the taxi. They are more smoothed out than the cabover body type so they’re more eco-friendly than the cabover. The extra bed drops down from the roof over the dinette and then hides when not being used.

Upsides and downsides of a semi-incorporated RV


  • Ideal for couples and little families
  • Great driving experience
  • Agreeable and helpful beds


  • Less eco-friendly than a van
  • Requires a greater parking spot than a van

Coordinated Motorhomes

Completely coordinated RVs look like transport with a consistent living space from front to back. They are turning out to be more famous in New Zealand for private proprietors yet in the rental market, they are for the most part just accessible in the event that you recruit from a confidential proprietor.

There is a great deal of variety with regards to RVs yet for the most part they will generally offer more living space and preferred highlights over campervans. Be that as it may, they might be more enthusiastic to move into difficult situations than a campervan and the cabover body is higher making it inclined to hitting low designs and less streamlined.


What sizes and designs are accessible in rental RVs?

A little two-billet campervan cooks for up to two individuals and with its minimized size is an extraordinary decision for couples needing a fast and simple escape. Bigger two-compartment RVs can offer more space and solace, with quality beds and all-around planned kitchens and restrooms. Families with kids, or companions voyaging together, can pick a four-compartment or a six-billet RV.

In the event that you’re going with a child or little kid, they can lay down with you in a two-billet RV. Nonetheless, you really want to guarantee the kid has their own safety belt as it’s a legitimate prerequisite that all travelers utilize a safety belt. Most RVs have no less than four safety belts (even two-compartment RVs) however campervans generally just have two.

The rental RV market has heaps of decisions on inside designs and bed setups. Most New Zealand-made RVs have seats at the back that can be changed over into the principal bed for evening time. Others (frequently premium German and other European brands) have long-lasting beds with quality sleeping cushions at the back or drop-down beds that can undoubtedly be concealed when not being used. Consider how significant an agreeable bed is and in the event that you’re ready to require some investment to change over the seating region into a bed consistently.

What amount do the different campervans and RVs cost to enlist?

Rates fluctuate contingent upon the season, the size and age of the vehicle you’re recruiting, and the degree of solace it is intended for. Consider going during the shoulder seasons (March to May, and September to November) or winter (June to August), and book well ahead of time to get the best arrangements.

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More modest campervans or more established two-billet RVs can be a decent passage-level rental choice on a little spending plan. You actually get to investigate the country your way and wake up to incredible perspectives (particularly assuming the vehicle is independent). You simply need to manage with less space and common luxuries. This could function admirably for more limited trips and during mid-year. You may likewise have the option to get a more established four or six billet at a decent cost however know – it might have “been there, done that” many times!

In the mid-reach portion of the rental market, you’ll track down enormous, high-spec vans as well as RVs that have had many years out and about. You can by and large hope to get somewhat more space yet track down that insides (and now and again outsides) can be marginally dated and gouged. These RVs could function admirably for longer excursions on the off chance that solace is certainly not a primary concern and are the most ideal to go in the hotter months as they are frequently not protected.

Most rental RVs are worked to a fundamental rental particular so on the off chance that you’re searching for solace, comfort and style, search for a top-notch European RV. Premium RVs accompany every one of the additional solaces that make a life out and about really surprising. You can expect present-day vehicles with agreeable beds, efficient kitchen spaces and excellent restrooms besides, at times, dry rooms with a different shower and latrine. A few brands have phenomenal protection and warming frameworks in their RVs making them an extraordinary choice for summer and winter the same.

While you’re contrasting expenses, really look at the fine print and guarantee that you don’t get astounded by any secret charges or extra charges. Free mileage and thorough protection are generally included. Except if you decide on an obligation decrease choice, you’ll have to pay the overabundance (which might be huge) if the campervan or RV is harmed. Setting up camp hardware, vehicle seats for kids and additional drivers frequently cost extra. New Zealand likewise has a fuel charge for diesel that must be paid on top of your rental expenses.

What sort of client support and emergency aides is remembered for the RV rental cost?

In addition to the actual RV will make for an astonishing, tranquil occasion, it’s likewise the sort of client care that accompanies it. Research the different rental suppliers and figure out what sort of client care they offer. Qualmark appraisals, client surveys and travel gatherings may likewise offer helpful experiences. Look at our convenient aide on the best way to pick a rental administrator in New Zealand for more on this point.

What sort of occasion would you say you are searching for?

While you’re thinking about which RV would be best for your excursion, a couple of different contemplations can likewise assume a part. For instance, on the off chance that you typically prefer to remain at campsites with a power connect and shower offices, an essential or mid-level RV might get the job done. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you’re quick to opportunity camp for longer periods, a superior RV that has a proficient house battery and cooler is critical. Likewise, on the off chance that you appreciate visiting the nation in winter, which can be enchanted, you’ll need to ensure the RV you lease is protected well and has a dependable warming framework.

For trekking and playing golf occasions, capacity can be a game changer. Campervans and little RVs have practically zero extra room, while certain makers of top-of-the-line RVs give an enormous carport that can be gotten to remotely. This is great for golf clubs, bicycles, a surfboard, and additional provisions.

In the event that you’re going on a family excursion, you’ll require a four or six

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