Hair Loss

Hair loss: what to put on your plate?

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Hair Loss: Are you tired, you lack tone and with each stroke of the brush, you have the impression of having shorn a sheep? It’s time for a quality nutrient cure. Follow the leader.

Losing hair is a natural process: every day, around fifty dead hairs, come off, replaced by new appendages. Seasonal changes can also be conducive to a slight acceleration of the loss, without this being pathological. However, there are certain situations that will promote significant hair loss, which can cause a loss of hair density and elasticity.

Hair Loss
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Natural treatment for hair loss through food:

Alopecia can be a sign of nutritional deficiency and in this case, a simple correction of its diet can help to stop this loss. To reverse hair loss and restore vigor to your hair, the best natural treatment is on your plate.

Foods against hair loss:

To restore vigor to anemic hair, eat foods with a high nutritional density: fresh organic fruits and vegetables: colored berries, citrus fruits, bananas, avocado, dark green vegetables (spinach, chard, etc.), cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cress).

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“Green” for strong hair

Avocados are a source of vitamin E. It is an antioxidant that protects the scalp from oxidative stress. Damaged skin on the scalp can lead to poor hair quality and fewer hair follicles.

Spinach contains vitamin A and iron, both of which help prevent hair loss. Vitamin A is used by the body to keep the scalp hydrated, a key component of healthy, vital hair.

Oleaginous fruits and seeds:

Walnuts and other hazelnuts and almonds contain oils that add elastin to your hair. Elastin keeps hair supple and prevents it from breaking. Flax or sesame seeds provide a high amount of nutrients that promote hair growth like zinc and selenium.

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For healthy hair, we also rely on…

Eggs: the yolk contains vitamins B and A, as well as sulfur (a constituent of keratin). They also contain biotin which is essential for the production of keratin.

A cure of spirulina (organic to avoid any risk of contamination by heavy metals), this micro-algae is rich in iron, especially for vegetarians. 

Hair loss: take control of your diet

Forget refined pasta and prefer organic whole grains: the bran of the envelope is a mine of essential minerals such as zinc. Similarly, swap your white baguette for sourdough bread, varying the flours: rye, spelled, etc.

Eat a good source of protein: red meat (for its highly assimilable iron intake) once or twice a week, fish, seafood (very rich in zinc). Stock up on legumes (lentils, kidney beans, etc.) regularly and a little trick, sprinkle your dishes with brewer’s yeast.

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