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Assuming you’re into climbing, nature, and for the most part, being awestruck by exactly the way that extraordinarily lovely New Zealand can be, there are not many preferred spots to base yourself over Wanaka. This lakeside town in Central Otago feels like a jungle gym for anyone who prefers investing energy in the outside, and I’m most certainly one of those individuals.

For a moderately unassuming community, the quantity of climbing trails in and around Wanaka is shockingly enormous. You can arrive at the beginning stage of something like two great strolls without requiring a vehicle by any stretch of the imagination, and many others exist within simple driving distance.

It’s difficult to go excessively far amiss with any of them, however in the event that you’re in a rush and is only searching for suggestions for open day strolls in and around Wanaka, these are probably the best ones I’ve seen up until this point. They’re organized generally by distance beneath.

I’ve strolled these tracks as of late, and they were open and unlimited when I did. The times recorded are taken from the authority sites or trail signs, and are really precise: I walk sensibly rapidly and wound up completing at the lower end of the reach each time.

Area: One finish of the track is at the Waterfall Creek carpark toward the finish of Ruby Island Road, the other on the southwestern side of Roys Bay in focal Wanaka

Part of the Glendhu Bay Track referenced underneath, the stroll to Waterfall Creek is a short, simple choice fitting for all ages. Beginning next to that popular Wanaka tree, the level, the concealed way runs close by the lake past the outing region at Wanaka Station Park and Rippon winery prior to completing at the carpark at Waterfall Creek.


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There’s a little stony ocean side there for swimming and a few enormous trees proper for partaking in an outing under, despite the fact that things can get very bustling in summer with individuals sending off and recovering their boats. Whenever you’re finished, you can either get gotten or pivot and return the manner in which you came for a sum of around 5km/one hour of strolling.

In the event that there haven’t been a lot of downpours recently, require a moment to assist with watering the local plants towards the Waterfall Creek end of the path. Plastic containers lie close by huge barrels of water to assist you with doing exactly that.

Watch out for mountain bikers en route: it’s a famous track with those on two wheels.

Quite possibly Wanaka’s most well-known short walk, Mount Iron ascends almost 250m from the encompassing area only east of focal Wanaka. From the carpark, the track crisscrosses up the western side of the mountain through inferior shrubberies and low trees until you arrive at a ridgeline that paves the way to the highest point.

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While you’ll get a few decent perspectives over Wanaka municipality and lake on how up, the best vistas are from the top. From that point, you can likewise see Lake Hawea, the Cardrona and upper Clutha valley, and many pinnacles of the Southern Alps. Datasheets give additional background information to what you’re checking out.

The track then goes down the eastern side of the mountain which sees towards Albert Town, prior to circling around the base and making a beeline for the principal carpark. There’s an optional carpark that you’ll go through coming, which is valuable assuming that the principal one is full when you show up.

In spite of the consistent trip, it’s as yet a generally simple walk, despite the fact that there’s a little haven from the climate either on the way wild or at the culmination. The track is for the most part shakes and stuffed soil, and since it’s to some degree lopsided, it merits wearing legitimate shoes.

Note: you don’t need to head to the beginning of the track on the off chance that you’re remaining in focal Wanaka: it’s around a brief stroll from the primary shopping/café region.

Area: Albert Town. Car Parks at one or the flip side, on Outlet Road or toward the finish of Gunn Road.

Lake Wanaka is the beginning stage of the Clutha River, the biggest by volume in the country. Where that excursion to the ocean starts is known as the Lake Outlet, and there’s a grand strolling trail that runs close by the waterway to Albert Town called, obviously, the Outlet Track.

Beginning from the enormous graveled region on Outlet Road which is a famous spot to place boats into the water, search for the wooden sign and data board that denotes the beginning of the path. The level, tree-lined way intently follows the wandering stream, with a few concealed spots close to the waterway to stop for a beverage or cookout en route, particularly as you approach the end at the Gunn Road car park.

In the event that you might want to add some additional distance, carry on to the Albert Town scaffold, or take the Hikuwai Link Track up to Gunn Road and back once more. Whether or not you attach the additional areas or not, it’s a simple walk the whole way.

The path is very much shaped and by and large very wide, despite the fact that it is limited in places and a short segment had been washed away when I strolled it, restricting it considerably further. It’s famous with mountain bikers also, so be ready to move toward the side of the track on a case-by-case basis.

Area: Carpark is 18km west of Wanaka, on the Wanaka-Mount Aspiring Road.

Monotony wears on the soul, and you can’t say anything negative about not having an adequate number of choices when you head out to Diamond Lake. Whether you’re soon after a short, simple nature walk or something longer and more difficult with incredible perspectives, you’ll track it down there. Far superior, the three circle trails are completely associated, so there’s a compelling reason needed to choose ahead of time.

The track begins at the Diamond Lake car park, heading up a short 4WD track to the beginning of a level circle trail around the lake. It’s a beautiful lake, yet during the hotter months, you will not get to see all quite a bit of it from the path because of the trees and brambles along the edge.

For a superior view whenever you’re done the circle, head up the lofty ish moves toward the northwest to a picturesque perspective that disregards the lake. It’ll add an additional 20 minutes or so to your walk.

From that point, you have the decision of returning back the manner in which you came or progressing forward with either the western or eastern sides of a more drawn-out circle track. The western course is harsher and somewhat more extreme and is most likely simpler to go up than descend.

The eastern course is for the most part more all-around shaped, however, can get very tricky and has steep drop-offs. I went up the western course and down the eastern one, yet you can go one way or the other or return the same way you went up.

On the off chance that you don’t want to go the entire way to the highest point of Rocky Mountain yet need great perspectives on Lake Wanaka, there’s a short side path from the eastern course that prompts a perspective, complete with a seat for respecting the vista. Give yourself around two hours’ return to stroll from the carpark to that perspective and back.

The last circle takes you up to the highest point, again by means of either an eastern or western course. There’s no specific advantage to going one way over the other, however, you should go up one way and down the other for the variety.

Anyway, you get up there, the view from the top puts forth the attempt advantageous. On a sunny morning you can see the entire way to Mount Aspiring in one heading, and over Lake Wanaka in the other. There’s a lot of room at the top to grab a seat, eat a bite, or even have a rest in the long grass for a couple of moments as I could conceivably have done.

My course took me up the western legs of the circle tracks, down the eastern legs, out to the Lake Wanaka perspective, and lastly around Diamond Lake, and required precisely three hours including that nap at the top.

Area: One finish of the track is alongside the Glendhu Bay Campsite, the other on the southwestern side of Roys Bay in focal Wanaka. For a somewhat more limited walk, begin/end at the Glendhu Bay Lookout carpark all things considered.


Searching for a somewhat simple walk that in any case gives a lot of extraordinary perspectives and a strong measure of activity? On a radiant day, the Glendhu Bay Track is difficult to beat.

I began at the Glendhu Bay end, and the principal half of the track to Damper Bay specifically was brilliant. The view across the lake to low lower regions and snow-covered mountains was staggering, particularly as the path wandered aimlessly around the different little straights to give alternate points of view.

I was really shocked by the number of little sea shores and bays that I passed, the greater part of which was open from the path (maybe with a little scrambling required) and a significant number of which held only driftwood for the organization.

The track is very much framed and for the most part level, in spite of the fact that there are a couple of short trips and plummets that will assist with getting the pulse up. While there are a few shades and safe houses for the last (or first) segment of the path at the Wanaka end, there’s little elsewhere, so take proper climate insurance. There’s likewise no place to top off a water bottle whenever you’ve begun.

On the off chance that you can’t coax somebody into dropping you off toward one side or getting you the other, water taxis work among Wanaka and Glendhu Bay. They cost about $25 per individual. You could likewise stroll from one or the flip side to Damper Bay and back once more, which would be generally a similar dis

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