Shikari Devi Temple

Shikari Devi Temple – A Strange and Mysterious Place to Visit in India

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Covered in secret, Shikari Devi sanctuary, an unquestionable requirement for all looking for otherworldly direction and a pleasure for brave adventurers looking for thrills in perilous landscapes, is situated at a tallness of 2850m above ocean level in Himachal Pradesh, a state lying in the lower regions of powerful Himalayas. During antiquated times, the trackers (shikari) used to appeal to the goddess to give them prey. This is the way the holy place was named “Shikari Devi” – The goddess of trackers.

The strangest reality of this old sanctuary is that it has no rooftop and till date, no one has had the option to construct a rooftop on it. The snow never falls inside the sanctuary in spite of weighty snowfalls in the area. There have been no wild creature assaults detailed external the sanctuary premises and no bird or airplane can fly on top of the sanctuary in a way that its shadow ought to fall on the god. The birds were seen falling down and dying from sky in the event that their shadows at any point fell on the sanctum. There was a deadly mishap revealed in 1996 of the airplane of Himachal’s city hall leader wherein he died alongside his better half, child and his pilot. The airplane was supposed to be flying at a low stature over the holy place because of which it shadowed the sanctum and accordingly, the mishap occurred.


This sanctuary is situated at the pinnacle of a slope which required crossing weighty snow-shrouded mountains and thick backwoods loaded with wild creatures, only a couple of days prior. These days, Himachal the travel industry has opened up a couple of clearings in the wilderness for vehicles to reach close to the pinnacle. Notwithstanding, it is still incredibly challenging to journey to the sanctuary from Karsog Valley, Jhanjheli, Chindi. In any case, it is a heaven for nature darlings with its lavish plant life, pine trees, deodar woods and apple plantations, alongside the flawless whites of the weighty snowfall happening here from October till April.

Folklore expresses that wise Markandeye had called the strong female god Durga through contemplation to this slope where the goddess left a stone sculpture of herself by presenting it with divine powers. Later on, Pandavas fabricated the sanctuary structure for the goddess during their exile and got a help from her to have the option to overcome Kauravas in the legendary clash of Mahabharata. She guaranteed them of triumph, a fight which she said, would be battled for a really long time against different types of wickedness.

Consistently, during Navratra celebration, a fair is held here which draws in fans from everywhere the world, looking for gifts from the divinity.


The spot is congenial by street as organized by the Himachal government, covering a distance of 16 km. The fans need to climb 500 steps to arrive at sanctuary premises, whenever came to by means of street. The closest railhead is Joginder Nagar rail route station.

The most effective method to Reach:

  • Mandi-Dadaur-Chailchowk-Thunag-Janjehli-Shikari-94 Kms.
  • Journey Routes:
  • Shikari Devi-Bakhrot-Chindi: 18 Kms
  • Shikari Devi-Raigarh-Shankar Dehra: 15 Kms
  • Shikari-Kamrunag 16 Kms

India has generally captivated explorers and experience searchers from across the world. The legends of Yeti to puzzling sanctuaries to extraordinary climate peculiarity, India has seen and experienced everything. This article is pointed toward taking care of the interest of such secret looking for crowd. The Shikari Devi sanctuary is one of the most secretive antiquated sanctuaries of India which has a few legends appended to it. One of the lesser-known spots of India, this sanctuary is a secret frozen on schedule. It is an absolute necessity visit for any unfamiliar voyager who wishes to find out about the old history of India but can’t stop to extinguish his hunger for thrills and experience.

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