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Total rookie: so, you can train at home to start getting in shape

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The lack of time (people who have working days of ten or even twelve hours or who even have several jobs) and, mainly, the lack of money, make many people who want to start doing sports wonder how they could do it without going out from home and what exercises you could do at home without the need for equipment.

Today, we will analyze a series of exercises that you can do at home in a short time and with practically no more material than your own body to train strength and cardio without problems and without going outside or to a gym train at home.

The beginning and the end of all training: warm-up and cool down:

When we talk about structuring a workout, people focus exclusively on how to organize the routine, its exercises, series, repetitions, and rest times, but very few people take into account two very, and I repeat, very important points: the warm-up before performing our routine and the subsequent return to calm.

We have capitalized the adjective because these two points are undervalued, and people think it doesn’t matter if we skip them. And really, skipping the warm-up can lead to injury.

why is it so important to train at home?:

Warming up is important because it is that period in which we are preparing and alerting our body and our systems for what is to come next: we are “degreasing” muscles and joints, we begin to raise our heart rate so that the effort does not catch him by surprise and we go “getting into the role.”

I’m not a big fan of cold static stretching because of the potential risk of injury from stretching a cold, resting muscle. Instead, I would recommend dynamic stretching or ballistic movements done gently.

For the warm-up to be effective, we should dedicate at least five to ten minutes to it (depending on the activity we will carry out) and not do it abruptly or in a hurry. Remember that it is about our body warming up.

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Cooling down: as important as warming up?:

The return to calm is important because it supposes a gradual and progressive brake for our organism and thus avoids “stopping it” in its tracks at the end of the routine. Thanks to this part of the training, the pulsations go down slowly and, in this way, we catch our breath.

In terms of its duration, it should take approximately the same time as the warm-up, that is, between five and ten minutes. At this point, if we could perform static stretching gently and gradually since the muscles are already warm and have performed an activity, the risk of injury would be less than if we performed them cold.

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How to combine cardio and strength training at home?:

We can train at home using our body weight, but what about cardio training? How can we train it without leaving home?

From my point of view, the best option to work on cardiovascular resistance at home and, in addition, to add the benefits of strength training, would be HIIT-type routines with exercises such as burpees, push-ups, planks, strides, X jumps, the movement of the climber …

All the exercises mentioned above have one thing in common, and that is that they act on several muscle groups at the same time and, if we perform them at the right speed, they can become strenuous (the goal is not to have a heart attack either, but your training is not a walk in the field). We have to look for the specific point of difficulty that supposes a small challenge and gradually overcome it.

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