Tips And Advice For Exercising At Home

Tips And Advice For Exercising At Home

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Tips And Advice For Exercising At Home: The confinement resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic has motivated more than one to exercise at home, as it is much more comfortable and safer in current times. Although many gyms have reopened their doors, many people still prefer to exercise at home, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses and risks. If you also want to start exercising regularly from the living room or anywhere else in your house, this article is for you.

Tips And Advice For Exercising At Home: Do I need machines to exercise at home?

This question is perhaps the most common since thousands of people want to start exercising from home and obtain the same results as in a gym. This may vary according to the objectives, experience, physical condition, and investment. 

It is not necessary to have machines or exercise objects if you are starting:

 to exercise and obtain optimal physical condition, gain flexibility, resistance, or relax. Some exercises or activities do not require any equipment, which can help you get what you want. 

On the other hand, if your goal is to increase muscle mass and get more strength, and you already have previous experience in using certain devices, you can get some exercise machines at home that will gradually help you achieve your goals. 

  • Neoprene dumbbells (various weights)
  • Russian weights or kettlebells (various weights) 
  • barbell weight set 
  • Elastic bands with straps and non-slip 
  • TRX portable system 

How to do an exercise routine at home? 

If you want to know how to exercise at home, it is necessary to know a little about the types of exercise. You will be able to professionalize yourself quickly with 100% online classes, together with the best teachers in the area.  


Any physical activity increases the heart rate and allows you to breathe more intensely. They are generally exercising that seek to increase cardiovascular resistance. Within cardio, there are two subdivisions: aerobic and anaerobic. In the first group are regular activities such as walking, dancing, jogging, among others, while anaerobic activities can be running, cycling, and swimming. 

Strength Exercises: 

As the name suggests, these exercises are characterized by overcoming resistance to gain muscle strength (resistance training). Exercises such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and others can be performed without the need for accessories such as weights, which is why they are also called “without elements.” 

Flexibility and Mobility Exercises: 

These exercises focus on maintaining and increasing range of motion, flexibility, and range of motion. These activities are also great for strengthening the body and maintaining flexibility levels. 

Experts recommend performing the above exercises for health benefits and other goals. It is suggested to do 150 minutes of cardio a week or 75 minutes of intense cardio in the same period. As for strength training, exercises that work a larger muscle group should be included and performed two or more days a week. 

Remember to choose exercises that you can do without problem in the space that your home allows you. 

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Exercise at home vs. exercise at the gym. 

Far from wanting to create a discussion between advocates of exercising at home and those who advocate exercising at the gym, it is important to know the differences and benefits of each. You should know that none is better than another, and everything will depend on each person’s commitment, objectives, and work. 


Training from home can save you not only the monthly or annual payment of a gym, but it will also save you from spending time commuting to the gym and escaping the traffic or chaos of the city. 


Unlike training at home, the gym provides expert advice for what you need, and you can be guided or corrected during your routine. You can also have this option at home thanks to tutorials or live routines; however, you will not have personalized attention. 

Comfort and time control: 

Training at home can give you all the comfort you need to perform your routines and not have to put up with awkward or accidental stares from other people. In the same way, at home, you can decide the ideal moment or time to train. 


Unless you are a millionaire, it will be hard to find someone who has their home gym. And it is that the most passionate people to exercise prefer to attend a gym to take advantage of the multitude of devices that exist. If you want to exercise completely, the gym is the best option. 

Motivation and Company:

While in a gym, you will be surrounded by many people with similar goals who can motivate or help you. You will have to get double motivation at home unless you exercise with your partner, friends, or family. 

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