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The Modern Rules of Digital Retouching Images

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Digital retouching Image is a process as important as taking the photographs themselves, so it is essential that you also leave it in the hands of professionals. With good digital post-production, we manage to give the final touch to the image to perfect in your online store.

Image retouching encompasses a large universe of techniques and methodologies, and that is why we have specialized in those retouches that the images of online stores need: silhouettes, adding shadows and reflections, product improvement, colour changes, ghost effect, reframing and resizing, all in Image retouching, etc.

Do you want the best digital retouching image for your website?


The silhouettes are very precise selections made to an object to later be able to cut it out of the background and thus put the background that most interests you.

The silhouettes are always necessary if you use the images to make a design: packaging, magazines, or printed catalogs. At eCommerce Photography, we have developed our technique to avoid outlining all the products if all you are looking for is a 100% white background.

Ask us in which cases we use the silhouettes to take them into account in your budget.

Count on us to make the silhouettes of your products, regardless of their complexity and whether or not we have taken the photos.

Colour change:

As you well know, the entire stock of a reference is not always available in all its color varieties. Or a factory product comes to you with the wrong color, and you have to take the photo now. Do not be sad. It is important that you know that colors can be changed digitally. With our advanced color changes, you can get the color you don’t have available to photograph.

Ghost Effect:

Ghosting is one of the most common retouches done to fashion eCommerce images. It consists of eliminating the person or mannequin wearing the garment and reconstructing, through digital retouching Image, the part of the neck, sleeves, or waist that it would be covering.

Add Shadow or Reflection:

Once the products have been silhouetted, you can achieve a greater visual impact by choosing the option to add a shadow to the product. Or a reflection of the object itself if you want to give it more elegance.

The shadows or reflections will give the sensation that the object is resting on a surface so that a better result will be obtained with the integration of the white background.

There are certain products to which we recommend not adding shadows or reflections, such as hanging lamps or clothes with a mannequin… since they are not resting on a surface, and adding a shadow or reflection to them would spoil the image a lot.

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Reframes and Resizing:

All online stores have a defined format for their photographs. Most of the cases are square images that need specific dimensions. At eCommerce Photography, we deliver your product photographs in the format your online store needs, whatever it may be.

We also know how important it is to have good photographs that weigh little. That is why we make a special saving of the image so that your users can see the product perfectly and even with zoom, but that your file weighs little and thus do not slow down the loading times of your website.

Blemish Your Retouching Image:

On certain occasions, the products that arrive at the studio have a manufacturing defect, scratch, or dirt. Don’t worry, and we can do any digital retouching Image. We have very advanced knowledge of Photoshop and other image programs.

These retouches may also be necessary to eliminate unwanted reflections, which are impossible to avoid when taking the picture. It usually happens with photos of jewelry, mirrors, and chrome products.


Sell More:

Transmitting the highest quality with the photography of your products is essential to capture the attention of your buyers. However, the reality is not perfect, and the products have imperfections or are not seen in the photographs as we perceive them when we hold them in our hands. With digital retouching images, we can make the products stand out in the photographs to convince potential buyers.

Reduce Returns:

Most returns occur because the product Image does not convey the product or colours well. With digital retouching Images, we can adjust the colours of the photographs to make them more realistic and thus reduce the percentage of returns, relieving your operations.

Expand Your Possibilities:

With digital retouching Images, you can expand the possibilities offered by product photography. Integrate your products in much more striking backgrounds that encourage purchase, or adapt how your products are displayed to convey sensations such as cold, thirst, or any other element associated with the emotions that helps you sell more.

Enhance the Experience:

It is impossible to touch the product in the online channel, which is the main stopper for the shopping experience. You can fill this gap with good product photos and even improve the shopping experience by offering different views, zoom, and everything your customers need to make the best purchase decisions.

Our Work Methodology:

1. Contact us:

Please write to us at and tell us about your specific needs. The more information you give us about the project, the better we can help you define it and achieve the best results.

2. We Advise You:

Not everyone is clear about what they want, and sometimes things are requested that do not offer the best result depending on the type of product or other needs. Don’t worry, and we’ll talk to you and advise you to approach the project properly.

3. Send us the Products:

Please send us your products to our studio, or we can also come to wherever they are. We have agreements with several transport agencies if you cannot manage it so that this is as easy as possible for you.

4. We Take the Photographs:

We show you the first photographs as they come out of the camera so that you can validate positions, style, and general aesthetics. Once validated, we take the photographs of all the products following the same criteria so that it is a homogeneous work.

5. We Retouch the Images:

We reveal and digitally retouch the photographs, seeking to achieve the real colours of the products and transmit the values ​​and other feelings that fit with your way of selling on the web.

6. We Deliver:

We deliver the files in jpg for web, and in a tiff in maximum quality. Free of rights so you can use them wherever you want. We can rename the files so that their import into your online store is simpler.

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