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The best water parks for holiday

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Nothing says holiday or vacation quite like water parks, don’t you think? Sunshine, ice cream, and sliding down some massive water slides is the perfect recipe for fun during the summer holidays! We did the hard work of checking out the best water parks in Europe ourselves to give you the most accurate reference to them that we could! Here are the best water parks for the holidays for you and your family to enjoy.

WOW Amusement Water Park – Noida, India

Our favorite Pick for the best Water Parks for holidays is WOW Amusement Water Park – Noida, India. In the mood for some Nordic adventure? Check out WOW Amusement Water Park, the largest water park in India, and one of the best water parks for holidays. With a choice of family slides, we especially love the Octopus ride! Our season doesn’t show if and when the next highlights on our list for this park are the heated pools and the awesome lazy stream!

Turn this trip into an educational one too. Kids will love the Pool Cave, where they can observe coral reefs and exotic fish. Who is not interested in Octopus? Then this will surely tickle your fancy. Parents longing for relaxation can breathe easy in aromatherapy saunas! Score! Let the kids enjoy the Aqua Splash water playground, Monky Tonky’s indoor playground, or go bowling while you relax.

There are also smaller water slides for little water lovers. Gift: WOW Amusement Water Park is located in Noida. If you are looking for WOW Amusement Water Park ticket prices, click here

Tropical island AMAZONIA – Brandenburg, Germany

We are as surprised as you that we found some of the best Water Parks in Europe in countries that usually end up being the coldest in the best of the Winter months.

Located about an hour’s drive from Berlin Central Station, AMAZONIA Tropical Island is a huge 35,000 square meter water-fun-paradise. Best of all; It’s opened all year round! Yes, it’s a four-season indoor-outdoor South Pacific-themed attraction! It features a 27-meter-high water-slide tower, an indoor ocean, a heated lagoon, and a children’s pool with a water play table.

Tired of being wet, but still want to have fun; Don’t worry, sign up for a round of mini golf or a hot air balloon ride. nature-loving families will also enjoy the park’s indoor rainforest, which features 50,000 plants from around the world. As with most of the water parks we have chosen, there is something for parents, too!

Water Park Splash world – Avignon, France

It is the first and largest water theme park in France, located in the Provence region, near Avignon, it can offer you family rides, areas for the youngest children, and different water slides. This water park is open during the summer season (from June to September) and is also suitable for people with special needs.

How to get to Splash World Water Park?

Splash world has located 17 km from Avignon, which makes it effectively open! Also, the proximity of the bus station that connects the water park to Avignon train station makes it possible for those traveling by bus or train from other locations in France to quickly reach Splash world!


15 of 17 pools are open year-round and one of the large indoor pools is connected to a heated outdoor pool which is also open year-round. The wave pool and the surfing pool evoke the atmosphere of seaside holidays. The surf pool is huge! It can be used with special boards developed for indoor use, as well as with your own board.

If you are looking for some exercise there is an 82 ft swimming pool and a 10 ft diving tower. The indoor adventure pool offers 11 slides with a total length of approximately 1 km. The highest slide that takes you down on a thrill ride from 55 ft. There’s also a large slide for up to three people side-by-side, as well as an onion slide and a 590ft long mountain river, flanked by sheer cliffs if you’re feeling adventurous.

best water parks

Water Park Caneva World, Italy

Lake Garda may be famous for its peace and tranquility, but Caneva World really shakes things up. This double punch of an amusement park is parted among Movieland and Aquapark.

Come closer to the action movie on Overdrive live set, stick up your seats during the John Rambo Stunt Show, then suspend all disbelief during the Miracle Worker screening. There are rides for the whole family, from racing waters, Kitt Super Jet, to the heady heights of Hollywood Tower Action and the terrifying Diabolic In vertigo roller coaster.

Caneva Aquapark

If all that activity gets in too hot, dive into Caneva Aquapark and loosen up under the palm trees, in the shadow of an enormous fountain of liquid magma! But with a large wave pool and amazing water slides, such as Twin Peaks, Anaconda and Cherry there is much to tempt you away from the beach.

The fun continues with the Medieval Times Restaurant & Show – host yourself down in a medieval castle and get ready for knights, horses, and a big jousting tournament!

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