Turkey Itinerary

The Best Two Week Turkey Itinerary-How to Spend 2 Weeks in Turkey

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In the event that you’re searching for surprising scenes, entrancing old history, fabulous sea shores, and flawless shoreline towns, Turkey should be on your movement list of must-dos. I as of late endured fourteen days investigating Turkey and the outing turned out to be the most ideal experience. So since such countless individuals have asked how I arranged the excursion, I thought I’d share my multi-week Turkey agenda!

I’d been to Turkey as a youngster and had affectionate recollections of moving over enormous old demolishes and cruising on dark blue oceans. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that Turkey is known for its ravishing sea shores and superb hotels, there’s something else to see all through the country. I most as of late went to Turkey alone for a multi-week experience, and I was shocked to observe that going around Turkey as an independent female explorer was totally protected and fine.

My Turkey schedule wound up remembering (all together): the vivacious ocean side town of Bodrum (two days), the old remains in Ephesus (at some point), the regular marvel of Pamukkale (at some point), before a supernatural experience cruising on a conventional Turkish Gulet boat (three days). The subsequent week was enjoyed with one day in Istanbul, prior to going to the away from this world scenes of Cappadocia (four days).

I traversed Turkey solo and totally on an open vehicle, utilizing transports, trains, and planes. You can learn about this in my definite manual for public vehicles in Turkey.

So this manual for a multi-week Turkey schedule guide will cover where to go, how to get between objections, were to remain, and each of the best things to see and do. I’ll endeavor to cover all that you could have to be aware of for your own Turkey experience, so read on and begin arranging your own multi-week Turkey schedule!

Turkey Itinerary

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2 Week Turkey schedule: Essential things to be aware

How long to spend in Turkey?

I’d suggest an activity stuffed multi-week schedule for Turkey. Or if nothing else at least 10 days in Turkey. This is an adequate opportunity to visit the primary locales and get a great vibe of the country.

In any case, in the event that you have less time, for instance only multi-week in Turkey – I’d suggest maybe visiting only a few objections from this aide.

A multi-week Turkey schedule could incorporate an extra area maybe. or then again additional time in Istanbul to find out about its captivating history and blend of societies, as a matter of fact. On the other hand, a multi-week schedule in Turkey could be spent completely along its delightful shoreline. You could climb the country’s well-known Lycian Way which crosses delightful rocky mountains, pine woods, and winds through ordinary Turkish seaside towns. The choices in Turkey are perpetual – a nation truly envelops to such an extent!

When is the best chance to visit Turkey?

A seriously significant inquiry while arranging your excursion is choosing when to visit Turkey. The late spring months (May to September) are the busy times to visit with long bright hot days and little downpours. Yet, on the off chance that you’re not excited about this, then the shoulder months (April and October) would likewise be a great opportunity to visit.

If you somehow managed to visit Turkey in the colder time of year, you could try and experience Cappadocia as a colder time of year wonderland!

In any case, in the event that you’re anticipating cruising the Turquoise Coast in Turkey or visiting some other waterfront places, it would be prudent to go in the late spring months. Likewise, in many oceanside regions in Europe, numerous eateries and lodgings frequently don’t open until early May.

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Getting around Turkey

Despite the fact that Turkey is a tremendous country, I find Turkey extremely simple to get around by open vehicle. Utilizing the transports, trains, dolmuş (minibus administrations), and homegrown aircraft, the public vehicles made for an effective and advantageous method for investigating the country.

I found the most open vehicles ran for the most part on time, were truly reasonable, could be reserved without a second to spare, and were spotless/agreeable. I truly partook in the autonomy that involved public vehicles in Turkey and managed the cost of me. You can peruse my manual for involving public vehicles in Turkey here.

What to take to Turkey?

What you ought to bring to Turkey truly relies upon the season that you visit. Assuming that you’re visiting in the late spring months, you’ll require some great strolling shoes for the entirety of the touring and investigating. I would likewise suggest a sunhat, a lot of suntan moisturizer, and shades!

As Turkey is for the most part Muslim, there are spots where you want to conceal – especially in strict structures in Istanbul. In any case, the nation, in general, is genuinely loose and not excessively severe.

Is it protected to make a trip to Turkey?

Turkey has encountered times of political distress over the course of the last 10 years, as well as a few assaults. Be that as it may, later, Turkey has been proclaimed protected to travel.

As a matter of fact, most states all over the planet actually encourage explorers to not go close to the boundary region with Syria. Which is reasonable.

Luckily, the greater part of the significant vacation spots in Turkey, and every one of those remembered for this Turkey agenda is not even close.

I viewed the Turkish nation as only kind and neighborly all throughout the country. The main city to utilize some additional wariness would be Istanbul, similarly likewise with some other cities in Europe.

Agenda Planning for a long time in Turkey

Turkey is a famous summer vacation location for nations across Europe. Hence, its seaside towns have huge air terminals so you probably won’t need to begin your outing in Istanbul.

You could for instance fly into Bodrum, Izmir, Antalya, or Dalaman Airports, which are all on the coast and mean you wouldn’t be guaranteed to require to start your Turkey schedule in Istanbul.

As referenced, Turkey is one of the most amazing nations to go around freely. It has an extremely far-reaching, very much evaluated and helpful public vehicle framework set up. So regardless of where you start your Turkey trip, it’s probably you’ll have the option to head out to your next objective easily.

Helpful ways to go in Turkey

Really take a look at visa/passage prerequisites to enter Turkey. Visa costs depend fluctuate contingent upon identity. You can apply for your visa early on the authority Turkish government e-visa site here.

Money. The primary type of cash is the Turkish Lira (frequently alluded to as TL). ATMs are broadly accessible.

Language. Turkish is the most communicated language in Istanbul. A great many people, particularly those in friendliness or food and refreshment, communicate in English quite well so you shouldn’t definitely dislike correspondence.

The Museum Pass

This fantastic pass is an extraordinary purchase in the event that you are visiting a few spots in the city, particularly for the majority of the objections in this fourteen-day Turkey schedule. It covers your entrance to numerous attractions and archeological locales across Turkey, including Ephesus, Pamukkale, and Istanbul. You can get it online here, or at any of the attractions that offer it.


I went in late August and decided to fly from London to Bodrum as this was the most reasonable flight. It really worked out to be a splendid first stop.

I realized I was keen on visiting Ephesus and when I understood the public vehicle would be straightforward to arrive, I concluded Bodrum would be an extraordinary spot to begin my Turkey schedule.

Bodrum was enchanting, exuberant, intriguing, and delightful. It was a particularly wonderful little treat and Bodrum town focus has none of the enormous comprehensive retreat lodgings I anticipated. The large retreat lodgings are found barely away, passing on the focal point of Bodrum to be a superb vehicle-free spot. You could undoubtedly spend only a couple of days in Bodrum, or an entire week absorbing the sun and partaking in the sea shores. I’ve composed a more drawn-out guide on what to do and in see in Bodrum, which will give you all that you really want to be aware of prior to choosing whether or not to remember Bodrum for your Turkey schedule.

Ephesus and Selçuk

Next stop, Ephesus and the close by town of Selçuk. Travel time: 2h30 on open transport direct from Bodrum.

The antiquated remains of Ephesus are most certainly one of the top activities in Turkey. Found somewhat almost Izmir and furthermore the voyage port of Kusadasi, the remains are well known with journey joyriders. Immense groups show up at Ephesus regularly. I’ve composed a long aide you can peruse here covering how to visit Ephesus without the groups.

I decided to visit Ephesus and the nearby town of Selçuk after Bodrum, as I understood it was a straightforward transport between the two. I went through an entire day investigating Ephesus, prior to going through the night in Selçuk.

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