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6 factors that do not let you achieve your goals in the gym

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Know what are those details that you overlook and that are making it difficult for you to advance in your training and goals.

You go to the gym at least 3 days a week and give it you’re all in SpinDiR or Zumba sessions. Also, someday you do an extra cardio or strength series with weights. You have switched to whole grain products and only treat yourself on weekends. However, you notice that you haven’t quite achieved the goals you were looking for: lose weight, tone up, compete in long-distance events, develop muscle mass.

It is possible that you are making some mistakes that, if you identify and correct them, you could begin to notice an improvement in the results of your workouts in the gym, as long as your goals are real and attainable within your possibilities.

To help you, we have brought together 4 DiR Personal Trainers and a DiR nutritionist to find measures that you may be overlooking, and that could help you meet your goals.

Reasons that prevent you from achieving your goals:

Follow an erroneous methodology of physical work

Ignasi C., DiR Tarragona’s personal trainer, assures that «the methodology is the way we have to reach our destination (objective). It is very important that our way of training is adapted to our physical and motivational characteristics, and for this reason, it is essential to trust professionals (personal trainers and room technicians) to help us and guide us to find the best way to achieve the results we so desire.

Over Train

Montserrat A., the personal trainer at DiR Claret, tells us that one of the most common reasons that hinder the progression of results is overtraining: «Incorrect planning of training days, intensity or loads of sessions and rest periods, takes our body to a state where what we do is not assimilated in the correct way for our body. 

This cause is given by “the increase in the hormone called cortisol, produced by physical and/or mental stress, which causes a decrease in muscle mass, the immune system, an increase in blood pressure and a decrease in performance, for example.

Lack of Training Planning

Expanding on the example of Montserrat, Toni P. of DiR Maragall confirms that the best way to avoid overtraining would go through training planning: «it is very important to carry out a good training planning that contemplates fundamental aspects, such as weekly distribution, training load or rest. We can move by sensations, but it will be much more difficult to achieve the objective if we do not have much previous experience.

Not Resting Properly

Toni P. also gives us one more reason that has to do with rest: «respecting the hours of sleep to recover from the previous training session is essential for achieving our goals,» and adds in this regard that «during the night, the muscles recover from the effort of the last session, therefore without a correct recovery, our muscles will not have the capacity to perform during the next session.»

Do Not Train Outside the Comfort Zone.

DiR Diagonal personal trainer Jonathan F. believes that one of the reasons fitness stops improving is the body’s adaptation to “the same intensity or the same exercises that don’t vary for a long time.” In his experience, “The body needs to change stimuli from time to time to get an improvement. For example, if your physical condition is 6 out of 10 and you always train at this level, you will never notice an improvement.”

Your diet is not adequate.

The nutritional aspect is also a factor to consider in these cases, since “nutrition is the key to obtaining good results,” says Erika J., a DiR nutritionist, and warns that “if we exercise and do not eat what we are supposed to or we do not hydrate well, our body does not receive the essential nutrients for proper recovery. In addition, our muscles will not be able to replenish their energy stores or regenerate small tissue breaks due to physical effort, which will make us increase fatigue and tiredness and decrease our expected results », she concludes.

Finally, we recommend that if you want to improve your training performance and achieve your goals without limiting yourself, you can ask our personal trainers for advice directly or get information on our website about the different training packs available, as well as the nutritional packs that combine personal training and personalized diet.

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